Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Omote Gyaku Dori: Using The Wrist To Capture The Body

One of the training drills that we explored this week in class was how the arm and shoulder locks from the gyaki gi section of the chi ryaku no maki are more than just joint locks. 

Is the aim of these waza to attack the join, or to shut down the ability for your training partner to move, and ultimately not be able to take ukemi?

Consider omote gyaku- in this waza you take your training partner's hand, and moving the wrist to the outside it causes them to fall over. Certainly there is a correct way to take the hand, and footwork to power it, but is it all in the wrist?

We explored the idea of using omote gyaku as a way to first lock the wrist, followed by the elbow, shoulder, hip, leg, and finally ankle of our training partner- which prevents their ability to move. 

Movement that could be used to try and counter your movement, or movement that could be used to take ukemi. 

This idea of using the waza of the gyaki gi as a way of locking out the entire body of our training partner, and not just the joint we start with.