Monday, October 1, 2018

Bujinkan Nagare

Training in class is an organic process.

While we cover the kihon and foundations of taijutsu movement in every class- ukemi, kamae, kihon happo, san shin no kata, etc. it is the questions, perspectives, and unique talents of the people training in our group which often open up unique directions in each class based on questions that naturally arrive...

In  our movement there is this idea of flow- being able to not only move smoothly, but also to be relaxed enough to not only switch techniques, but also be able to feel how our training partner is influencing our movement so we can go with the flow of movement so to speak.

How do we develop flow was the question.

The easy answer is to just keep training.

Keep showing up for class, train as best you can, continue to practice and polish the kihon at home.

Time is a great equalizer as it advances.

That said, there are a few points we can focus on to help out.

Relaxation is the first.

The ability to move and remain relaxed.

Setting up and following a daily stretching routine that focus not only on all the joints of the body, but also specifically on the hips and legs- the center and focus of what  moves us. Add supporting exercises to increase flexibility in the hips such as walking or hiking.

Alignment is also important, making sure of the direction of your feet and where they are pointing as you move. Making sure that your feet and knees are facing in the direction of where you are moving as you move using techniques. It's hard to develop flow if you are moving in one direction with your hips, but your feet are taking you in a different direction as you move.

Keeping these two points in mind, as you drill the kihon at home, and work through the lessons in class will help you develop good flow.