Saturday, October 27, 2018

Bujinkan Taihenjutsu

Taihenjutsu refers to body changing skills and our Ukemi and Taisabaki movements are studies under this section. With Taihenjutsu you want to be able to move your body as relaxed and smoothly as possible with as minimal effort as needed. Taihenjutsu is important to understand, as it will put you in a position to use all of your other skills when interacting with your training partner.

Ukemi is the ability to land on the ground without getting hurt. In our training it involves rolling and break fall training. It is important to be able to fall on the ground without getting hurt for a number of reasons ranging from you tripping to being thrown by your training partner. The most important thing to remember when using Ukemi is to keep your body as relaxed as possible and NOT tense up when you hit the ground. As you roll or break fall try to mold your body to the ground while you avoid smashing any of the bony points of your body such as your knee or shoulder on the ground.

Taisabaki refers to moving your body when attacked or avoiding an object. Forward, backwards, side to side, up, and down are all ranges of motion with Taisabaki. When attacked you use Taisabaki to get your body out of the line of the attack while positioning yourself in a correct position to respond to the attack. Correct Taisabaki movement protects your body with movement while making the training partner’s position dangerous for them.

When moving your body it is critical that you remain in control of your own balance so you can move smoothly and effectively as fast as possible. Bend your knees and center your weight so your balance can not be easily disrupted. Pay attention to where your limbs are so they can be moved correctly and remember to keep your back straight when moving. All these points will help you maintain good posture and balance that is critical to Taisabaki.