Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New York Kenjutsu Training

Westchester New York kenjutsu (Japanese Sword) training.

The use of the katana to understand distance, timing, and movement in the martial arts, as presented by the Bujinkan Dojo method of martial arts.

Kukishinden Ryu.

Training includes:

Kamae: postures.
Kiri: cutting.
Batto: drawing the sword.
Kata: formal lessons.
Heiho: strategy.

Training is conducted with shinai or bokken, no shinken.

For more information please contact us through the email form at the bottom of the blog.

Each week we aim to post training highlights from recent classes as a way of sharing the expressions of budo, while giving those interested in pursuing training insight into some of the movements and philosophies explored in each class.