Sunday, October 7, 2018

Shinobi Zue Training

The shinobi zue (hidden staff) is one of the historical training tools that we explore in our training and martial arts movement.

Using the movements of jojutsu (5ft stick) it also employs a number of strategies depending on the stick itself. 

Traditionally the shinobi zue was one type of stick, but rather a stick with a number of potential modifications. 

It could be drilled out and filled with iron to strike harder.

The end of the stick could have a hidden blade, or compartment for blinding agents. 

Or in the example above, consisting of a metal part with rings designed to deal with swords, while also concealing a weighted chain- extending the "reach" of the stick from five feet - nine feet, allowing the user to unexpectedly manipulate distance and timing through the chain.

Each week we aim to post training highlights from recent classes as a way of sharing the expressions of budo, while giving those interested in pursuing training insight into some of the movements and philosophies explored in each class.