Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Bojutsu, Jojutsu, Hanbojutsu Training

As recently asked, a brief overview and categorization of the stick training found in our training.

Bojutsu, jojutsu, hanbojutsu.

6 foot stick, 5 foot stick, 3 foot stick.

In our training we approach the use of the stick in two ways- the first as a vehicle to understand distance and timing, and second as the actual application of the stick in the martial arts.

Sticks, depending on the length, have a very exact distance and timing to them- if you are off, you miss. If you are close, your training partner can enter the distance, bypass the stick, and get to you. If you are spot on, there is nothing they can do.

Angles with the stick are also important- striking the right angles and making sure the stick is fluid.

As a way to teach taijutsu movement, if you can "see" these principals in the stick you can see it in unarmed movement and in other training tools.

The stick is a way to see movement.

Sorry Mike...

On the other side of training, a stick is just that- a stick. How can we use the attributes of it- length, size, both ends being active, in the martial arts. Ways of holding the stick, moving it around, using it to strike, or with the hanbo lock joints.

Sorry again...

With bo at six feet we have the ability to reach out and strike at a little over six feet when accounting for body position and hand/arm position. Using footwork, and leaping, along with some very specific hand work, the area that the bo can strike can be extended out to twelve feet. Imagine a radius of 12 feet and anything that comes into that circle gets whacked.

Bo, jo, and hanbo all have particular movements inherent to the range of the stick, all powered by the footwork of taijutsu to make them unique.

Each week we aim to post training highlights from recent classes as a way of sharing the expressions of budo, while giving those interested in pursuing training insight into some of the movements and philosophies explored in each class.