Thursday, November 29, 2018

Bujinkan Jodan Uke

Spots coaches and analysis have determined that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve proficiency in a given skill set.

So how far along are we with jodan uke?

Jodan uke is one of those budo taijutsu skill sets that we practice a ton of in training, but never enough.

Jodan uke, gedan uke, ken kudaki- punch the incoming attack.

We find it in the san shin no kata, kihon happo, and many of the kata in the jin ryaku no maki section of training.

What are some jodan uke points to keep in mind- or for all of uke negashi?

First is to use your footwork to get out of the way of the attack and set the correct distance.

Everything else is secondary to this as the waza won't go any further if we get tagged right out of the gate. As we stand across from our training partner, they initiate into our space (kukan) with a punch.

They are looking to change the distance, and we need to set it back- footwork does this, angles does this, and getting out of the way of the strike does this.

Power generation from the hips and sinking weight is next, rotating the arm, and striking kyusho on the arm.

Certainly the aim is to crush (kudaki) the arm, but the movement of the waza is also to shift balance, force our training partner to move all the weight on one foot- prevent them from moving for a moment in time...

...along with opening up all the kyusho on the core of the body.