Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fudoshin: Immovable Heart

This ability to keep going is so important in the martial arts and in your own training. As long as you keep moving you are alive, the moment you stop, you are dead. In the safety of the dojo you want to cultivate good lasting habits so that is what comes out in spirit should you ever have to defend yourself. When you practice, if you do something wrong, or get hit, keep going and finish out the technique each and every time. DON’T stop and do it over, EVER! The message you are cultivating is that when something goes wrong, stop what you are doing. In a situation things will go wrong, so you want to keep going.

The very act of showing up each week for class develops fudoshin.

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Located in Westchester, New York we are a martial arts training group dedicated to studying the Bujinkan dojo martial arts methods of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. As friends we come together to practice the martial arts. New members and visiting martial artists are always welcome, please contact us with any questions, feedback, or inquiries.