Sunday, November 25, 2018

Martial Arts Distance Training

In our Movement in the Martial Arts PDF (link HERE) we talk about the different ranges of distance in the martial arts, and how we want to operate at a “third” distance. Just close enough that we appear in range, yet far enough out so our training partner has to take a step to reach us. In turn this gives us time to move and forces our training partner to commit all of their movement into one action.
But even with this “third” distance things are always changing and fluid.

Sometimes the distance needs to expand a bit more based on terrain or where you are in the moment.
Maybe you can’t move as quickly, and knowing where you are with personal movement in the moment, you add a few inches for distance and push it a bit out further.

Perhaps your training partner is quite fast, and covering the distance is quick- push the distance out.
When understanding distance we first learn by locking in the distance, so we can see it, taste it, and explore it.

Understanding it after that starting point has us dynamically changing it as needed- before and without our training partner knowing.