Friday, November 30, 2018

Martial Arts Flow Drill

The idea and concept of flow in the martial arts. Transitioning from one technique (waza) to another in a fluid manner, while in balance, and without creating any openings in your movement. 

When something changes with your training partner you flow into a new waza. 

If an opening presents itself you change into another waza.

In this post I'd like to share with you one of the flow drills that we use to practice this concept AND polish our kihon/ukemi skills at the same time.

The flow drill goes like this...

You and your training partner stand across from each other and they take hold of your lapel. You apply omote gyaku (a wrist twist) which takes them down to the ground, as they fall to the ground they take ukemi (back roll), rolling over and up with the technique, followed by taking hold of your hand and now applying omote gyaku to you, which you roll out of and apply to them.

This back and forth trains many things beyond the "flow": like also being able to take hold of the hand and be in a position to apply omote gyaku as you are not only being taken down, but also as you are rolling over backwards. The drill also teaches you to be relaxed when moving since tension held in the body, especially the shoulders, will quickly slow you down making it hard to roll.