Monday, December 17, 2018

Ate Nage Kata

Kata are an important part of the transmission of the martial arts, and in this week's training post I'd like to share one of the ways to approach them- and in our training group, the starting point as to how we approach them.

Explore the kata step by step and ask what is happening at each moment.

How does the movement link up in a way so it stops the movement of your training partner.

In this case we are going to explore ate nage from the jin ryaku no maki section of training.

Mike takes a hold of me and has me in range to strike. Taking a hold of my jacket or lapel puts me in a dangerous place as he is now able to prevent me from moving and if (when) he punches he will be able to track me.

Apply take ori (bamboo breaker technique) 


Some thoughts?

Take ori is where you raise the wrist of your training partner. By doing this I not only free myself from the grab but I also shift his weight up off the feet and bring his hips up- making it hard to punch in that moment. 

Next part of the kata has you striking across the side as you move- what are some of the movement lessons we can see here?

Take ori naturally creates a space to move on the side of the arm that you are raising up. For this kata, by moving into and through that space we are also moving away from his other hand, protecting us further from being grabbed again or hit.  

The follow up now has us on the side or behind our training partner with the arm in such a way that they can not take ukemi when you follow up with a leg sweep. This teaches us one of the many ways to apply waza to our training partner so they can't take ukemi and land well. 

Exploring these three points as lessons, how can we make the concepts appear and be used in other aspects of our taijutsu movement?

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