Monday, December 10, 2018

Hanbojutsu Training: Tsuki

Exploring movements with the hanbo. Given the length of the stick (~3 feet) it is perfect for trapping limbs, and adding leverage for throws and immobilization, but it is also a stick used for striking.

Class this week had us exploring some of the different ways of thrusting with the stick- tsuki as a stop movement type thrust.

When we compare the bo (6 foot staff) to the hanbo (3 foot staff) we are at a difference of three feet in terms of distance and timing. BUT if we turn our body flat (hira no kamae) and extend out with our lead arm while using the end of the stick we can *just* reach six feet.

Aiming at the solar plexus or under the chin to have our training partner move into the stick while they are advancing.

A way of stopping the movement, tsuki to stop them in place from the impact.

Striking further out with the hanbo vs. what it appears to our training partner.
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