Sunday, November 25, 2018

Martial Arts Fundamentals

What are the fundamentals of your martial art?

What are the core skills of your training outline?

Martial arts is naturally all about movement- movement in the martial arts.

Every martial arts style has a way of moving. Particular insights from the masters that have been passed down as ways of using the human body. This "language" of movement is what we as students need to focus on.

In the Japanese martial arts, this is known as the kihon: fundamental movement patterns.

Learning the building blocks of your martial art allows one to receive higher transmissions and nuances of movement strategy from teachers and those with more experience. 

If you have the basics, you have the methods needed to quickly pick up other training concepts in the style.

You will always be one step ahead.

So in your martial arts, building a checklist, what are those basics and fundamental movements?