Friday, December 28, 2018

Martial Arts Kicking Tips

Right handed techniques vs. left handed techniques, say punching as an example.

Is there a difference in power or coordination?

Ideally there should not be, one should be able to strike with equal coordination, fluidity, and power with both the right and left. I say ideally as this is something we all work on since one side tends to be more dominant vs. the other. 


We should be able to use our feet in the same way as our hands from a taijutsu perspective.

Kicking, extending, parrying with both legs and feet.

These skill all come from first being able to deliver a good front stomp kick.

A few points to keep in mind?

Mind the distance to the target- far away and the leg extends out causing you to bend your spine, close and you jam your knee.

Both take you out of balance.

Keep your base leg bent so you can not only absorb the kick, but also remain in balance for the next follow up.

Base foot is always on the ground, never take any part of it off the ground- unless one is practicing leaping kicks like this from the jin ryaku no maki section of training:

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