Monday, December 3, 2018

Taihodoki: Freeing The Body

In class this past Saturday we explored some movement ideas from taihodoki- what happens when you are grabbed by your training partner. Often this section of training starts with your training partner grabbing you from behind in some sort of bear hug or body lock.

The first place we start with is what happens in the moment you are grabbed- you movement and ability to move is stopped. You are no longer a moving target, and you no longer have your footwork to power your taijutsu movement, a dangerous place to be.

What we immediately want to focus on is escaping from the grab so we can move again. This is especially important when one considers there are always multiple training partners around- it is never 1 on 1. 

If I start fighting with my partner when they grab me, I'm still not moving for when the other training partners come in. I need to free myself from the body grab.

Second point is to use footwork, and how my partner has moved from the break, to put oneself in a position immediately following so they can't be grabbed or held down again.