Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bujinkan Kamae Practice

Recently we have been exploring a few training drills with the kamae (body postures) found in the ten ryaku no maki section of training.

Ichimonji no kamae, hicho no kamae, doko no kamae, kosei no kamae, shizen no kamae, etc.

First drill is standing in place, relaxed in shizen, followed by taking a step back and moving into kamae. The focus is to get as low and as deep in the posture as possible, while keeping your back straight, knees aligned, and as relaxed as possible.

Hold the posture and switch to the next.

Next drill has us walking around and shifting into the various postures as smoothly as possible, again with a focus for getting as low as possible.

Walking forward, back, and side to side, going from posture to posture.

Do this for a few minutes and return back to shizen.

Is there any tension?

Is the back or shoulders tight?

Tension is the killer of taijutsu, it shuts down your movement and ability to flow, so as we train, we are always looking to be relaxed as possible.

Depending on the feedback from your kamae practice, you might have to adjust your stretching routine to focus on certain areas.

Last drill is a flow drill from a series of punches and kicks.

Receiving the various strikes from all of the different postures.

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