Friday, January 4, 2019

Bujinkan Martial Arts Philosophy

What about philosophy in the martial arts?

Spirituality, ways of thinking, a mindset vs. tactics, strategy, and escaping danger in the moment.

Certainly in our training we have martial philosophy, but how it is revealed and understood is perhaps a bit different.

A few of the philosophies in our training:

10,000 changes no surprises.

A heart like flowers and bamboo.

The spirit of the ninja endures.

Immovable heart.

These phrases encapsulate a way of thinking, and understanding the relationship of the martial artist to the world. Philosophies that are not academic in nature, but rather understood through movement.

In class and in training we explore a variety of techniques and drill, which when combined with nature and being outside lead to an understanding of not only movement but also of how situations relate to each other. In that moment of illuminations these phrases are often pointed out.

This method of experience goes against the western academic model of learning that many of us are conditioned to see. 

Martial arts *philosophy* is about catching the feeling of a situation in the moment, and understanding it through a phrase, art, or poetry. Give it a name, and one can begin to see it in action in other places, which leads to being able to use it in your own training.

There is nothing to study, just show up outside, train, and the philosophy will reveal itself through the movements and interaction of what nature creates. 
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