Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Getting Older In The Martial Arts

I first noticed it about ten years ago, called up in class to demonstrate tobi geri. In this waza you stand in front of your training partner, leap up into the air and deliver a kick with both feet to the chest at the same time, while landing and doing a back roll to return back up into kamae.

Visually it was fine.

Waza wise it was fine.

But in terms of timing I was a bit off...

It was then, that I realized that I'm getting a bit older in the martial arts...

Certainly wherever you are in the martial arts in life with regard to age, physical ability, and capacity you train.

Martial arts are for life, but training is going to look a bit different based on age.

It's still the same stuff I was doing at 17, 27, 37, and plan to do at 47, but I have also changed as a person.

As I've gotten older in the martial arts, what has changed the most for me is my internal timing. That exact moment of when and how I need to move has slowly changed over the years as life has changed my body structure over the years.

What has allowed me to notice the changes in internal timing has been a steady diet of stretching and practicing ukemi, and in my opinion they are the diagnostic tools used to learn how your body moves and works with regard to distance, timing, and rhythm in the martial arts.

We will see in another ten years...

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