Friday, January 11, 2019

Kihon Happo Kosshi Sanpo “Basic Three Kosshi Methods”

Kihon Happo Kosshi Sanpo “Basic Three Kosshi Methods”

These are three forms where we first start interacting with our training partner and where we learn how to generate power and movement to deliver a strike. Of course there are other lessons like getting off the angle of attack, receiving a punch, kamae, etc. the important thing to focus on for now is the footwork and how it moves your body to deliver a strike.

Ichimonji No Kata “Figure One Form”

You and your training partner begin in ichimonji no kamae as they throw a punch to your face. Shifting off the angle of attack you reply with jodan uke while stepping through their center line while delivering an omote shuto to uko.

Jumonji No Kata “Figure Ten Form”

Begin in jumonji no kata as your training partner throws a right punch. Shift away and off with jodan uke followed by boshiken to butsumetsu, and then metsubishi to create a break in the movement so you can return back to jumonji no kamae. Repeat the same on the opposite side.

Hicho No Kata “Flying Bird Form”

You begin in hicho no kata as your training partner attacks with a gedan fudoken to butsumetsu. Receive with gedan uke, geri to butsumetsu and then follow through with an ura shuto to uko.

Among other things these three forms teach you about generating striking power by stepping though the center line of the attack (ichimonji), shifting and rocking with the hips and knees (jumonji), and generating power though moving up and down (hicho). While receiving the attack with uke negashi and following up with a strike are important lessons, the “how” of how you generate the power is key.

Of course it goes without saying that you should be on balance throughout the entire sequence of movement, but you also need to have kamae present as you move. When you begin in kamae you make it impossible to be effectively attacked, as you receive the punch and follow up with the strike you need to remain in kamae so your training partner can’t just reach out and punch you with their other fist.

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