Friday, January 11, 2019

Kihon Happo Torite Goho “Basic Five Arm Twists”

Kihon Happo Torite Goho “Basic Five Arm Twists”

We now move on to the second part of the kihon happo where your training partner grabs your lapel with his hand. In these lessons you apply a lock to take them down. Just like the kihon happo kosshi sanpo where you begin in kamae, you start these forms in shizen in balance when your training partner grabs you.

Remember the lessons from the san shin no kata to use unified body movement to work with your training partner. As you apply the “lock” you are moving your feet. The power of the waza (technique) is not the lock, but rather the footwork powering it. Think of it this way, the applied lock is there to bind up your training partner’s body and take away their ability to move/step with it. As you move your feet it reaches a point where their balance is completely taken and they fall over, in falling over with the lock applied, their own body falling causes the damage to the joint- they are hurting themselves. Forget about trying to hurt people in martial arts, just let them hurt themselves, but this is a lesson for another time once you make it through this guide.   

Omote Gyaku “Outside Wrist Twist”

Omote Gyaku Tsuki “Outside Wrist Twist From A Punch”

Ura Gyaku “Inside Wrist Twist”

Musha Dori “Warrior Capture”

Ganseki Nage “Throwing A Rock”
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