Friday, January 11, 2019

Martial Arts Budo Eyes

As you progress through your Bujinkan training at some point you will hear the phrase “budo eyes” so understanding its importance in training is KEY. Just like with all aspects of our training there is both on omote/ura understanding and for the sake of understanding it from a kyu perspective we are going to explore the omote.

Budo eyes is the ability to see a technique demonstrated by your teacher and immediately understand what is going on with the ability to perform it using good taijutsu.

Taken outside the dojo, budo eyes is the ability to see what is happening in the moment of a conflict and resolve it before it can be brought against you.

Behind every technique (waza) of our art there are core mechanics at work- “skills” that don’t have a name, but rather an understanding of how things are done- this is why you can’t “learn” what is taught- you have to experience it.

That said, when your teacher is demonstrating something and now it is time for you to hit the mat and start working out- you want to be able to manifest the following skills in everything you do- manipulating them, changing them, and using them to make what is being demonstrated and practiced work.

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