Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Martial Arts Sabaki Gata

You and your training partner stand across from each other, far enough that they have to take a step to enter your space. They have a training knife (safety!), and begin with a thrust, followed by a downward slash, and a side slash. 

Three quick flowing attacks.

You use footwork to avoid getting tagged with the training knife.

You are only allowed to use footwork to keep you safe, no locks on the arm, or other waza.

This is an important martial arts training drill, and it is just that- a drill to help isolate and motivate correct footwork.

Another important piece is balance.

At the start of the thrust, we are naturally in balance and ready, but as we move from attack to attack, can we stay in balance?

Can we put ourselves in a place of movement with our footwork where we are safe from being attacked?
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