Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Martial Arts: Purifying The Senses

In that moment of movement there is only movement? 


The interaction of two people is often just limited to the five senses, which are processed- *thinking* by the brain, filtered through social constructs. 

In that moment of movement there are no social constructs, the exact opposite in that they have all been thrown out. 

One must go past the thinking mind, and the five senses. 

Not in magical or mystical way, as there is nothing magical or mystical about it, it is a part of the forgotten human condition. Understanding that is more vs. the five senses and being able to pick up on it, bypassing the mind so it can be acted on immediately in the movement, the idea of mushin- no mind. 

This is done by purifying the senses and certain aesthetic practices in the dojo, there is nothing esoteric about them, they are practical to arrive at no mind.

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