Martial Arts Ukemi Taihenjutsu

How long have we been rolling? 

Normally a part of warming up, it’s now been a good thirty minutes. 

Forward rolls, side rolls, back rolls. Ryu-sui. 

Even some sabaki gata followed by rolling. 

At this point one had to pace themselves. 


Finishing the roll we all stood up, shizen and relaxed. 

Take a moment and feel where you are. 

The shoulders, back, or hips. Any other part of the body- is there tension? 

Rolling should be relaxed and tension free, moving with a certain fluidity. 

Practicing for thirty minutes should be the same as only a few minutes- no tension. 

Building on this exercise, I often use it in my practice at home. 

Performing a waza or a kata for a few times, I take a pause and *feel* the internals of my body. 

Am I carrying tension? 

Is there a part of my joints that are stiff? 


A brief pause for some junan taiso- martial arts stretching to undo the tension and back to practice.

Looking to cultivate free and flowing movement without tension or any blocks.

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