Weapons Have Kyusho

I moved from the strongest and best kenjutsu kamae that I could, cutting down with the bokken which was just side-stepped and taken from my hand. 
Let's try that again. 

Same effortless result. It's because you also have a sword, the strength of the sword twisting and taking my sword. Using just his hands the same effortless movement. 


Weapons also have kyusho. 

See this space on the bokken, this place on the blade, based on the length and balance here, this is where the kyusho is. 

Stand in seigan no kamae with no tsuki. 


The kyusho is there, but it is covered by the kamae- seigan. 

Now extend your arms forward bit, move the elbows here, see how the posture breaks, how it creates an opening. That opening applied to the kyusho on the bokken and it can be taken away. 

Making sure you get out of the way first of course. 

I could replicate the movement from time to time, making it work *most* of the time, but there was something *else* missing, that kotsu point. 

Here it is! 

Using the bokken implies using it with the best practices of kenjutsu, and as strong as they are, that is a body contract and connection between the person and the weapon. 

As they move, certain things are going to happen, by using the bokken (or sword), they are going to be at certain places at certain times- and in that moment, or ideally before the moment one arrives to take the kyusho. 

Weapons have kyusho. 

Now can we not only just replicate that, but make it a part of our own natural movement?

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