Thursday, April 21, 2022

Am I Too Old To Study The Martial Arts?

Am I too old to study the martial arts? 



If you start studying now, this time next year, you will already be one year in. In many ways starting the martial arts when a little bit older in life can be an advantage. 

When one has had both some success and failure in life, a bit of life-seasoning, it can often be easier to pursue goals. If one is a bit more settled in life, that can bring a focus and determination which can be channeled for the martial arts. 

Where to start? 

As with any age, and where one is in life, you start at that point. Assess where you are physically and build from there. 

The martial arts are about moving the body, learning how to move it in a particular way, which under a tradition and teacher can be learned by anybody.   

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