Can You Learn The Martial Arts From A Home Study Course?

Can you learn the martial arts from a home study course?

With such online resources such as YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom, is it possible to learn the martial arts online or from a home study course?

Often an interested student might find that due to location or circumstances, direct in-person instruction might not be available.

Martial arts, being a physical activity, are best transmitted in person and through a teacher/coach relationship- somebody who can point out your mistakes in movement and offer corrections before they become ingrained and become bad habits and permanent flaws in your movement.

While many focus on martial arts techniques, which are important, they are really just a manifestation of martial arts principals- distance, timing, rhythm, and balance among others. Having a teacher who can not only point these principals out, but also create training situations where you can see them and experience them, would be challenging to replicate in an online or home study course.

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