Friday, April 1, 2022

Getting Hit In The Martial Arts

The strike slipped past my guard and opened for a shuto strike to the neck.

Instinctively bringing my back hand up to cover, the strike slipped again landing a fudoken to my ribs, followed by a shuki ken.

I was going down…

Getting hit is a natural part of the martial arts, as both uke and tori, attacker and defender. 

Understanding the method and reason for getting hit is important.

The relationship between uke and tori is important to understand with regard to sempi/kohai, personal ability, and rank in the dojo. Strikes need to be felt in the moment to understand how they change balance, distance, and timing, but should not be felt after that.

Striking to hurt is unacceptable.

This violates the idea that the dojo is one of the safest place in the world.

As always and omote and ura to every waza.

When you are receiving a technique and get hit, forced to move away, be mindful of your kamae. 

Taking the strike, how do you move in alignment to regain your balance, get your hands up to protect, and move back in posture-kamae?

 Getting hit and just folding is not a good habit.

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