Martial Arts Awareness


Called out my teacher just as we were exiting the store to the parking lot.

You were just going to walk right out?

No pause, or even a change in the timing?

Honestly? Yes, I was thinking about the sandwich I was about to eat.

First rule or martial arts- awareness.

Awareness of a change in the situation.

What we practice in the dojo, is done so that it is plain to see and easy to understand, a formula of movement that is applied outside of the dojo, in much more potentially complicated situations. 

That moment of transition going from the store to the parking lot, there is a change in situation.

In my own movement a pause, or a change in timing to assess.

Cars driving around.

People walking about.

What interactions need to be navigated and what is the distance and timing of them?

What blind-spots or areas of movement should I be aware of?

A quick note and assessment of what is happening and what could be happening.

Awareness is the first rule of movement in the martial arts.

Then I could eat my sandwich.  

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