Martial Arts Meditation Excercise

Having just finished class and our junan taiso cool-down exercises we were told to sit down in a circle with our backs to the teacher.

Seiza, fudoza, whatever posture came natural as long as the spine was straight and one could stay relaxed for a few minutes for this last exercise. 

Begin with the use of your eyes, selecting a point ahead of you to observe in as much detail as possible, noting color, texture, and outline. 

Identifying the object. 

Close the eyes and open the ears.

Listen to a point in the distance, identifying the source, direction, and approach of the sound.

Identify the sound.

Close the ears but distancing the sound, feel the ground beneath you, the layers and gradient, the temperature and any vibrations of movement. 

Close this feeling and focus on the hara, the internal, breathing and heartbeat.

Open your eyes and slowly stand up.

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