Martial Arts Practicing At Home

It was an honest question and one that I am regularly asked, being nature that one wants to progress as quickly as possible in the martial arts.

Outside of class, on your own, how much should you be practicing each day?

Looking for a number.

What happens if I say one hour a day?

What if right now you can’t do one hour?

How does that change the mindset?

What if you can practice more?

Best to set your daily life up as much as possible to allow you to practice regularly each day, the aim of making steady and solid progress, momentum in the martial arts.

How you practice is just as important as for how long.

Every martial art has a basic foundation of movement, and in our art of taijutsu it is the san shin no kata and the kihon happo.

Identify these basics in your own art and practice them every day- the first 1/3 of your practice session so you are building and cultivating that foundation.

Polishing the basics.

After the basics work on what was shown in your last class.

Practice those lessons so you can be ready to progress in the next class with the group, also while the movement is still fresh in mind and body.

Next part of self-practice would be what *you* need to be working on for your current level in the martial arts. What has your teacher told you to work on? Specific waza or kata to practice?

Finally end with something you feel like working on- just movement regardless of rank or where you are in the moment.

What movement inspires you?

See you on the mat!

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