What Does A Black Belt Mean?

What does a black belt in the martial arts mean? 

Many view it as a technical license or a level of knowledge and skill, a symbol of arrival in the martial arts. 

What are some other understandings? 

Do they have different meanings in different arts? 

Is there a difference in a more Japanese focused meaning compared to the one often through of in the West? 

Certainly there is a implied level of skill in regard to a black belt- the 1st degree black belt. An understanding of the basics (kihon) of the martial arts, and an excellent command of ukemi. Martial arts heart- mushashin, respect, and how one carries themselves being aware of the tradition they now represent and are a part of is also implied. 

A black belt is a solid beginning in the martial arts- the student has built and cultivated a solid foundation to now begin exploring the arts, they are now truly a deshi of the tradition. Understanding that actions now represent that tradition, and the over-all tradition of the martial arts in the eyes of others. 

A black belt as an achievement or something to live up to each and every day. 

Something that is awarded, or something that one becomes and continues to become through training?

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