Bujinkan Godan Test Explained

There is a particular tradition, method, and test in the budo taijutsu of the Bujinkan dojo, known as the godan shinsa, the 5th dan test sometimes referred to the sakki test. 

With this test a 4th dan student in the Bujinkan is tested in the following way: 

Sitting in seiza, with the soke or a dai-shihan behind them, sword overhead. 

When the moment is correct, the soke or dai-shihan will project sakki- the killer intent, and cut down at the person taking the test. 

If they can accept the sakki, and allow ukemi taihenjutsu to take over, they will avoid the cut and pass. If they get hit, they fail the test. Much has been said by those who have experienced this test and moment in time, and even more has been said by those who have not had the experience. 

While curiosity is natural and questions should be answered in the spirit of friendship in the martial arts, some things can’t be easily explained away. 

Train in ukemi taihenjutsu and be open to the possibility of something beyond the physical martial arts.

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