Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Bujinkan Training Weapons

Part of our Bujinkan budo taijutsu martial arts training involves the use of historical training tools. 

Methods of movement, strategy, and principals such as distance, timing, balance, and rhythm are shown through these tools, and they are an important part of the training. 

So just what tools and training weapons are used? 

Two important training tools are the bokken- the wooden sword, and the bo, a six foot staff which may be made out of wood, or a padded foam stick. 

In our budo taijutsu training these training tools are often used the most. Adding to this is a wooden short sword and the 5 foot and 3 foot stick known as the jo and hanbo. For longer training weapons we have the spear and the halberd- the yari and the naginata. 

Often with wood as the shaft and plastic or padded foam for the point and blade, making sure the point is not sharp on both of these tools is important. 

Other training weapons include the kusari fundo, a weighted chain, which for training use is substituted by a soft rope with padded ends and the kyoketsu shoge- knife and rope/ring which is made of wood and soft rope for the training version. 

NOTE: Never under any circumstances train with real or live historical training tools. Always practice with the appropriate safe tools under proper instructions.

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