Can You Study More Than One Martial Art? Yes or No?

Can you study two or more martial arts at the same time?

As somebody passionate about the martial arts and who has been fortunate to assist many on the martial arts journey, I’d like to offer a perspective- something to consider regarding movement.

Yet before that, the primary answer is yes, yes as in you can do anything you like, it is your martial arts journey.*

As a coach, I am here to assist your journey and personal development, so who am I to say?

Yet as a coach who is involved in helping to take that movement, your movement to that next level, this is what I would say.

The first few years of a martial art are about learning how to move in the tradition and transmission of that martial arts. You are learning certain body skill and drills to un-learn how you currently move, and adjust to a new set of movement.

Seeing how most people have never been taught how to move correctly, let alone walk correctly, there is a learning-curve to the movement.

Studying a second martial art during this period of time could be problematic, one would have to be *very* diligent in not mixing the movement of both styles.

One would also have to understand why one art does one thing and the other art a different thing in the correct context, which could be hard as the student is just learning how to move correctly in the first place.

The KEY to studying two arts at the same time would be the ability to both learn them at the same time and keep them separate at the same time.  

* Although some martial arts school, often traditional Japanese martial arts schools might ask you to hold an agreement not to study another art or style while a member of the school- much depends on the transmission of the tradition.

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