Footwork, & Footwear In The Martial Arts

In our martial arts practice we spend a fair amount of time analyzing how our feet move in tandem with the body. 

The direction they face, how they move/step, and how they relate to the various body postures- kamae. They are our literal connection to the ground. 

Yet it is not just the quality of our movement which needs to be considered, but also the footwear that we wear. Footwear to protect the feet from the elements and sharp/rough objects, yet still have the ability to remain nimble and move. 

Heavy and high footwear changes the movement- the weight of the boot, and how it interacts and prevents movement in the ankle, let alone the weight and pressure created on the knee. 

Selecting footwear to both protect the feet as needed, yet still retain the springing like feeling of taijutsu.

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