Hajutsu: Martial Arts Awareness

One of the sections of our taijutsu training explores movement options for when you are grabbed from behind.  

We begin with your training partner approaching form behind our back, grabbing us in place, followed by a martial arts technique.  

Before we even begin practicing these waza, there needs to be an understanding at first.  

Why are we even being grabbed from behind?  

Something has failed ahead of time- awareness (zanshin), movement, or being approached in a way that we missed. 

The first line of defense is to be aware and *not* be taken by behind where we cannot see, or by surprise.  

But it can and does happen for a variety of reasons...

  ...and so we explore what to do when grabbed from behind or angles that cannot be seen, which leads to an understanding in the training why this is so bad in the first place, and why we want to be aware of our surroundings.

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