Improve Your Martial Arts Kicking

Walking down the sidewalk a familiar sound of making contact with a target. 

A young man practicing kicking against a swinging mitt suspended by rope over a tree in the front yard.

Quite good, very athletic.


If only a few small adjustments.

Yet, it is far from my place to say anything for a few reasons.

After I take care of what I have to take care of I’ll circle back around and if they are still practicing we will see.

On the way back, making eye contact.

You want some advice?

A bit of surprise. 

The target is too high.

Working on high kicks its natural to put it really *high*, but when it is just beyond of close to the range you can currently kick all it does is create poor form.

Adjust it lower so you still have to kick high, but can maintain correct form and alignment when kicking. Working on stretching over time will allow you to increase it.

The sound is also off.

It’s a slapping sound as opposed to muffled sound when you make contact.

You are hitting the target, quite hard, but you are not displacing it.

Starting position and follow through will correct it.

Enough free advice from a stranger who is not your teacher.

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