Ryu Tai Undo

Ryu Tai Undo is our section of movement that deals with preparing the body for martial arts training.

Preparing the body in making it able to train in the movements, while also over time increasing its capacity for the movements.

We begin with walking.

Walking outside in nature to promote natural flexibility, breathing, and the flow of blood. Walking done correctly, while at the same time, while not a part of ryu tai undo, a chance to also work on observation and noticing the various distances as one interacts with where they are walking.

Stretching- junan taiso is next.

Stretching the major joins, promoting the flow of blood, and paying special attention to the spine and the hips, the correct limbering and use of these two body pivot points.

Healthy eating and the correct intake of water and natural fluids is also supportive system of ryu tai undo, all of which provide the base ability to begin understanding the movement of taijutsu.  

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Located in Westchester New York, the Bujinkan Shinmyoken Dojo is a martial arts training group founded in 2005 with the aim of coming together as martial arts friends to study the Japanese martial art of Masaaki Hatsumi through the lessons of the Bujinkan dojo.

As friends (buyu) we come together to grow, learn, and share our individual potential in this wonderful martial art.

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