This Is How You Catch A Punch In The Martial Arts

How to catch a punch in the martial arts?

I had asked and was waiting for my teacher to show me, how does one catch a punch in the martial arts?

A few classes went by and I politely asked again.

Did I miss it?

Apparently I had.

We didn’t review how to catch a punch per-se, but rather lessons in distance, timing, and balance that would make it possible.

I was in class looking for one thing based on expectation, when I missed the lessons even when directly shown out.

A different way?

Something a bit more direct?

Sitting under an autumn tree, the wind blowing the leaves off the tree, my teacher pointing out a leaf to grab as it falls.

Running around trying to grab it, vs. seeing the where the wind takes the leaf, and making sure as it falls to the ground one is ahead of the place of where it is going to land.

Let the leaf land where you are going to be ahead of time.

Standing in balance, it is just a matter of putting the hand out and the leaf falls to it.

Most leaves can be captured this way, but there are some where even this is not possible.

A lesson in knowing that you can’t catch every leaf, only certain ones.

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