What Happens If You Can’t Do A Martial Arts Technique?

One of the waza (martial arts techniques) in our taijutsu movement has you approaching a training partner and when at the correct distance, leaping directly up at least six feet, and kicking them with both feet, followed by landing with correct ukemi.

Certainly before one is introduced to this waza certain components and skills need to be worked on, ukemi, leaping, kicking, and the understanding of distance.

Kyushou also.

But what happens if one is physically unable to do it?

Not as in learning it is intimidating, or self-doubt.

Not as in something one can’t do right now, but with cultivation and correct training is possible.

But rather a life situation or set of circumstances where one is unable to do it.

Does your martial arts training stop?

Are you no longer able to advance?


Not in the slightest.

Taijutsu is about the way of using the body, and this waza is but just one of many ways. We all enter the martial arts with different talents and capacity, and it is through training, the cultivation of the heart that one learns.

One does what they can as they can, keeping the teachings in mind.

When you are young you train like a young person, when you are middle aged, you train middle aged, and when you are old, you train old.

Training changes but it never stops.

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