Why Do Student's Clean The Dojo?

Regarding the Japanese martial arts, before and after each training session it would not be out of place to see the students setting up the dojo, cleaning the floors, and making sure everything is in place.

The difference between a commercial mindset in the ‘arts and a traditional mindset.

Training under a teacher is only limited to a few hours out of the week- making sure that the individual and the group gets the most out of it means all the time should be spent training.

When the teacher arrives and steps out on the mat, class can begin as everything is set up and ready to go by the students ahead of time.

Cleaning and setting up the dojo is about the optimal use of time.

Yet, as with all things in the art there is a hidden aspect- ura and omote.

Cleaning the dojo as a way of spiritual focus and respect for the art.

A form of moving meditation to prepare for and after training. 

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