Thursday, June 23, 2022

Don't Ever Make This Martial Art Mistake

Don't ever make this mistake in your martial arts training.

Imagine you are out on the mat with a training partner practicing a martial art technique, think of the last technique that you practiced in class or with your group.

As you go through the movement, something goes wrong.

Maybe it is not working, or if it is a new marital arts technique you forgot one of the steps- at this point what happens.

Do you stop the technique and start over?


Always finish out a technique no matter how bad it is, what happens, or even if it is completely wrong.


So you don't make this mistake in your training.

In the Japanese martial arts we train to move without thinking- called mushin, meaning no mind. Just move, take the correct action, and don't let your movement stop by analyzing. 

There is only movement in the martial arts.

The moment you stop to think, you are not moving, and your training partner can capture the flow of your movement.

Every time you practice a movement, you want to build this positive response of action of not thinking.

You do this by *always* finishing out a technique.

Naturally, try to fix and correct it on the way, make adjustments as you can, but *never* just stop and start over.

See you on the mat!

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