Martial Arts Rank Certificates

Martial arts rank certificates.

What is the importance and meaning of rank certificates in the martial arts?

In a previous post in helping to understand the transmission of the martial arts we explored the role of rank in the learning process.

Rank as a way to understand a system in a step-by-step process, rank as a way to judge progress in the arts, and rank as a way to know what you are responsible for knowing in the dojo and the tradition.

So why the need for certificates?

Rank certificates offer a portability of meaning of rank.

It is always the hope of the teacher that a student will train with them for a long time, but as life happens, life situations change.

A student might need to relocate to a new dojo, or come back to training after being absent for some time.

Rank certificates allow for that introduction to a new dojo or continued training along with membership cards and other letters.

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