Friday, June 24, 2022

Why You Need To Study The Japanese Katana Sword

We all study the martial arts for different reasons, and in having those reasons it is important to align with the correct teachings of a school. 

Some martial arts teach health and fitness, others self-defense, a few about spirituality, and many a combination of all these factors.

For those focusing on the practical skills of self-defense and the modern movement of martial arts, what use is there in learning a historical training tool such as the sword?

A tool for an era long past, or is something still to be understood from its transmission?

In the Japanese martial arts, the historical sword, the katana was an important part of the samurai culture, the warrior culture of old Japan. Many martial arts lessons, tactics, and strategies were passed through the sword.

Not only in sword fighting but also strategies to use in other areas of movement, as all warriors knew how to use the sword, so it was an excellent tool to teach this.

In there here and now of today these skills and strategies still have value, and can very much be applied to modern and practical movement.

Understanding that it is not about sword fighting, but about transmitting strategies regarding distance, timing, and rhythm, which can be seen through the sword and applied modern.

See you on the mat. 


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