Thursday, June 23, 2022

You Need To Master These 4 Martial Arts Movements

Independent of martial arts style, discipline, or school there are certain fundamentals in movement, the literal laws of the martial arts as demonstrated through technique. 

No matter where you are in your martial arts journey, just starting out, or climbing that mountain for some time, there are four laws of movement you want to understand as soon as possible.

These laws of movement, once you can *see* them, will help you make massive gains in movement and the martial arts, cutting down on that learning curve, and being able to unlock and understand new martial arts lessons.

The four types of movement?





Distance is the first law of martial arts movement, with regard to how close or far your training partner it. Distance needs to be combined with the correct technique for maximum effect. Being able to close or expand the distance through the use of footwork, understanding that training tools can also change the distance.

Balance in the martial arts- maintaining your balance through footwork and body posture, while taking or prevent your training partner's balance through footwork and body posture. Realizing that a training partner can't resist a martial arts technique or counter it if you have taken balance.

Timing, when to enter with a technique and when to wait, the timing of that point where your training partner does not expect a technique, where they can't see it being applied.

Rhythm, the interaction between multiple training partners, one vs. many, knowing who will move first or at the same time. Controlling and taking the rhythm of your training partners.

Now, with regard to the martial art you are studying right now, what skills, drills, and techniques are you practicing? Can you identify how these laws work in your techniques and how you can adjust them to make use of them vs. just using speed, power, and muscle strength.

Let's cut down that learning curve from six months to four months.

See you on the mat.

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