Friday, July 22, 2022

How To Practice Martial Arts Alone

How do we practice the martial arts alone outside of class?

Practicing the lessons learned outside of class is just as important as training inside of class- building that synergy of new lessons learned and old lessons practiced to make progress in the martial arts.

So what to practice?

Start with the basics- the kihon in the Japanese martial arts as an example.

Every martial art, school, style, and discipline has a series of basic movements, foundation movements- body postures, skills, footwork, and drill that are important to the movement system.

Identify these and practice these at home.

Building on that, explore what you have been learning in class- what have you been learning in class?

What skills and drills from the past few weeks?

Use your at-home time to work on these drills, practicing and building on the so you can progress in class.

Your rank.

What is your current rank in the martial arts?

The skills and movements that you needed to learn- review them and work on the at home, along with the movement skills that you needed to learn for your previous ranks.

Exploring these ideas and themes will build your movement and help prepare yourself for learning new lessons in class- making those gain in your martial arts movement.

See you on the mat!

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