Learning The Martial Arts From Books

Can you learn the martial arts from books?

That is the idea we are going to explore in this post as we continue our journey in the martial arts.

Certainly as a martial artists in this current time we want to take advantage of every training opportunity and ways of expanding out skills through training, and books are something to consider- or the modern book equivalent of a PDF.

Taking the position that the martial arts are physical arts, in that one has to physically interact with a teacher and training partner to not only see and learn the art, but also be present for corrections so bad habits don’t develop, leaves training from books in an interesting place.

Certainly a variety of skills and topics can be explore, but learned?

Who is going to correct your movement as you explore and train from the book?

There is also the challenge of getting the movement correct in the first place- the ability to break it down step by step to understand.

Can a book even do this?

Depends on the martial arts book.

Training or technical manuals might be hard to use for physical training as explored above, but what about martial arts philosophy or history books?

Ideas you can take and explore in your own physical training and movement.

So I would say that it depends on the *type* of martial arts book we are looking to learn from.

An in terms of learning, what about replacing the idea of learning with inspired?

See you on the mat!

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