Learning Martial Arts Over Zoom

Can you learn the martial arts over zoom or through some sort of remote streaming service?

Embracing new technologies and opportunities in training.

A few points to consider regarding zoom training.

With the martial arts being physical movement, and the interaction of that movement with the individual, fellow students, and the teacher, as a martial artists I can’t see zoom or remote training being the only primary way to train.

Perhaps approach zoom as a supplement to training.

Where online training is possible as a supplement of extra training zoom can be used.

I use zoom as a way to work out with my students, a quick pop-up class scheduled a few times a week- in *addition* to regular class and training outside of class at home.

We use zoom to work on postures, drills, and training items that one *can* work on alone, and training items where one can get feedback on the movement- a quick class of practice and movement-tune-up.

Extra training that builds on regular training.

Used to this effect zoom is an excellent addition to your martial arts practice.  

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