Martial Arts Meditation Methods

In this post I want to share with you one of the ways that we meditate in our martial arts classes, this type of awareness-meditation is grounded in the martial arts, but is not related to a specific art or style, making it completely portable for you to use in your own training.

We practice it ever-so-often after class so students can become familiar with it, learn it, and practice it outside of class during their own martial arts training.

Start by sitting down in a relaxed posture, something that you can hold for the duration of the meditation, about five minutes or so.

Begin by focusing on an object in the distance.

When we are outside in the park practicing, pick a tree or a cloud in the sky.

Focus on everything about this object, the color texture, how it moves, its shape and form.

Hold this for a few minutes, followed by closing your eyes.

Now with your ears pick a sound in the distance, something far away that you can hear- perhaps the cars in the distance on the highway, or a plane in the sky.

Identify the sound, what it is, where it is coming from, moving away or approaching.

Pick these sounds out eyes closed for a few minutes.

Now focus on the feeling and the connection of your body to the ground.

Feel the density of the ground, note any vibrations or movements you can pick up from it- if any.

End the meditation by slowly opening your eyes.

The aim of this meditation is to both focus and remove the various senses and ways of perceiving things one by one, sharpening them and focusing them each in turn.

The ability to enter a dark and silent room, or unfamiliar space and still perceive everything that is going on. 

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